Drone sighting by a CRJ-700 near Freeland , Michigan

The FAA reported a drone sighting by a CRJ-700 near Freeland , Michigan on 8 July 2015. Separation distance reported as 1 mile feet.

MOR Alert for MBS
Number: MBS-M-2015/07/08-0001
Type: Public inquiry or concern (including all pilot reported NMACs)
Date/Time: Jul 8, 2015 – 1440Z
A/C: (CRJ7)

Summary: Aircraft reported sighting a UAS a FAF for RWY 5, approximately 1 mile noerth of his course at 2000 feet. No evasive action taken, no other reports of the UAS received.

Aircraft: CRJ-700
Aircraft altitude: 2000 ft
Separation: 1 mile feet
Source: FAA

Please note:

This information is based on an unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) sighting as reported to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A UAS can be a personal drone (e.g. a quadcopter), or a larger military drone.
Please note that separation distances are solely based on pilot’s judgements and not necessarily accurate since horizontal and vertical separation distances can be hard to judge.