Near miss report of Boeing 757 with small drone near Manchester, U.K.

The U.K. Airprox Board (UKAB) details a jetliner’s near miss with a drone close to Manchester, England.

A Boeing 757 (G-TCBB), operated by Thomas Cook Airlines was on a scheduled flight TCX2528 from Manchester to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and making a DESIG departure from runway 05L. At 10:10 hours the aircraft had just passed approximately 4 miles on the climb out and 2300 feet when the pilot reported passing a drone ‘very close’. In a later written report this was stated as approximately 200 metres away. At this point the controller had already given a take-off clearance to the next aircraft which, once airborne, was given a left turn to climb to the north and away from the area of the reported drone sighting.

The pilot of the second aircraft, an Embraer 190, also reported seeing the drone at 10:11:50, stating that it was at approximately 3000 feet. Both pilots reported that it was small in size. The drone did not generate a radar track. Following this occurrence Manchester stopped all departures from runway 05L and, at 1030, commenced departures from runway 23L. A Police helicopter that was airborne took up a search but nothing was observed. Runway 05L operations resumed at 11:00.