Drone airpox report involving an Airbus A319 near London Heathrow Airport

The UK Airprox Board investigated a drone near-miss reported by an Airbus A319 near London Heathrow Airport on 21 May 2016. Separation distance reported as 30 feet.

The A319 pilot reported descending at 4nm to land on RW27L when a drone was sighted in the 11 o’clock position, extremely close to the aircraft and too late to take any evasive action. The drone appeared to be approximately 1 metre in length and green with possible purple markings.

Reported separation: slightly above / 30 ft (10 m) horizontal.

Aircraft: Airbus A319
Operator: British Airways
Registration: G-EUPK
Flight: BA969
Aircraft altitude: 1200 ft
Separation: 30 feet
Source: UKAB

Please note:

Please note that separation distances are solely based on pilot’s judgements and not necessarily accurate since horizontal and vertical separation distances can be hard to judge.