Drone airpox report involving an Avro RJ100 near London City Airport

The UK Airprox Board investigated a drone near-miss reported by an Avro RJ100 near London City Airport on 19 June 2016. Separation distance reported as 20 metres.

The RJ100 pilot reported that he was on final approach into London City Airport runway 27 at 3000 ft on the Localizer 6 nm before touchdown, shortly before intercepting the glideslope, when a flying object (for the FO it looked like a drone, coloured yellow) crossed their path approximately at the same altitude and 20 meters in front the aircraft from the right to the left; the wind was coming from the southwest. The FO spotted the object and advised “Look at that!”, the Captain couldn`t see it because it had already passed. The F/O thought that the object may have hit the left wing area, according to the observed flight path, there was no evidence of damage from the post flight inspection. The approach and landing were uneventful. The situation happened very quickly therefore an avoidance manoeuvre would not have been possible.

Reported separation: 0 ft vertical / 60 ft (20 m) horizontal.

Aircraft:  Avro RJ100
Operator: Swiss International Air Lines
Registration: HB-IYT
Flight: LX456
Aircraft altitude: 3000 ft
Separation: 60 feet
Source: UKAB

Please note:

Please note that separation distances are solely based on pilot’s judgements and not necessarily accurate since horizontal and vertical separation distances can be hard to judge.