Drone airpox report involving an Airbus A320 near Basel, Switzerland

The Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) investigated a drone near-miss reported by an Airbus A320 near Basel Airport, Switzerland on 14 July 2016. Separation distance was reported as 10 meters.

Flight EZY1045 was a scheduled flight from Amsterdam (EHAM) to Basel (LFSB) with 169 passengers and 6 crew members on board.
After an uneventful flight, the aircraft was making a stabilised ILS approach to runway 33 when, at approximately 2100 ft AMSL and a distance of approximately 3.4 NM from the runway threshold – i.e. roughly level with Basel’s Schützenmatte stadium – the flight crew spotted a drone directly in the line of approach. The pilot assessed this to be a white drone with red lights, which was stationary or moving forwards at a slow speed, at a vertical distance of approximately 10 metres. In the remaining few seconds, the flight crew did not have time to avoid the flying object. The pilot immediately reported the near collision to the airport controller at Basel Airport.
The flight crew continued with the approach and the aircraft landed without incident.

Reported separation: 100-200 ft (30-61 m) vertical / 50 ft (15 m) horizontal.

Aircraft:  Airbus A320-214
Operator: easyJet
Registration: G-EZPA
Flight: EZY1045
Aircraft altitude:  2100 ft
Separation: 10 meters
Source: SUST

Please note:

Please note that separation distances are solely based on pilot’s judgements and not necessarily accurate since horizontal and vertical separation distances can be hard to judge.