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Boeing 737 involved in drone near miss incident near Leeds/Bradford Airport

The pilot of a Boeing 737 reported a near miss with a drone while on final approach to runway 32 at Leeds/Bradford Airport (LBA), U.K. on July 9, 2015

The aircraft was passing through 1800 feet on the ILS at the time. Both crew saw a black and white, 4-rotor helicopter type drone to the left of them. The drone was seen too late to take avoiding action and passed abeam them. The assessed the risk of collision as ‘Medium’.

Members of the UK Airprox Board (UKAB) agreed that, even had they been operating using first-person view (FPV), the quadcopter operator should neither have allowed the drone to fly above 1000 feet nor operate over a built-up area. Therefore, because the drone was being flown inappropriately, they determined the cause of the Airprox to be that the drone had been flown into conflict with the B737.
For the drone to have been identified specifically as a black and white 4-rotor drone this indicated that it was probably closer than the pilots’ estimate of 300m. As a result, the Board considered that, in this case, it was therefore likely that safety margins had been much reduced below the normal.