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DHC-8 in near miss incident with a drone near London City Airport

According to UKAB airprox report, a passenger plane was involved in a near miss with a drone on April 19, 2015 at 14:15 hours local time.

The DHC-8 was being vectored for an ILS approach to runway 09 at London City Airport, U.K. When the aircraft was approximately 3 miles south of London City Airport, and downwind right-hand for runway 09, the pilot reported seeing a drone at approximately 200m range and at the same height of 2000ft. The pilot reported the incident to ATC at the time. After landing the pilot and co-pilot, who had also seen the object, agreed that the miss distance was likely to be 50-150m and that the object was at least 1 metre in size, was black and white in colour and had some letters on it (the second of which may have been an X). A query to London City Tower after landing confirmed that they had had a similar report but not on that day. A passenger on the aircraft also reported seeing a black and white object. A review of the radar did not show any contact in the vicinity.

The U.K. Airprox Board assessed that safety margins had been much reduced below the norm.